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Fulltime: Brazil 1-1 Germany - Brazil win 5-4 on penalties

  • Hosts win gold medal after dramatic penalty shooutout.
  • Neymar scores with a brilliant free-kick.
  • Max Mayer levels the score on the hour mark.
  • Neymar strikes winning penalty.
Neymar was Brazil's inspiration
Neymar was Brazil's inspiration Getty Images

Brazil win the gold medal!

Neymar seals the gold medal for the hosts! The Maracana erupts as the brilliant Brazilian sends the ball into top corner. Incredible scenes of joy and heartbreak in Rio.

He breaks down in tears. The captain has done it for the hosts. What a game. What a brilliant, brilliant game of football. And what a way to win the gold medal!

Neymar scores the winning penalty
Neymar scores the winning penalty Getty Images

Petersen misses! Wavetton saves his right-footed effort - and it's all set for Neymar now. Here we go...

Waverton makes the crucial save
Waverton makes the crucial save Getty Images

Now it's Luan. He scores easily. 4-4.

Suele, the centre-back, bangs it into the bottom corner for Germany. Brilliant penalty, that.

This is an exhibition of penalty taking at the moment.

Brazil's players watch on
Brazil's players watch on Getty Images

Rafinha levels it up again, though. Rafinha shows impressive calmness to find the bottom corner. 3-3.

Faultless, again, from Brandt who sends the keeper the wrong way. Germany hit the front again.

Make that 2-2. Paris Saint-Germain's Marquinhos shows nerves of steel to put it away.

Marquinhos erupts in celebration Getty Images

Serge Gnabry finds the net! But that should've been saved - it crept under Waverton. 2-1 Germany.

The German team watch on
The German team watch on Getty Images

For Brazil it's Renato Augusto - and he scores, too! The midfielder has capped a good game with a well-taken penalty. 1-1 in the shootout.

It's Germany who win the toss and opt to take the first kick. The two keepers are giving a talking to by the ref. And now for the real business...

Ginter against Waverton. He scores and Germany take the lead for the first time tonight. That was cool and calm from the World Cup-winning defender.

Ginter scores from the spot Getty Images

Who will be the villain? Who will be the hero? Here we go...

A Brazil fan watches the game
A Brazil fan watches on Getty Images

Full-time ET: Brazil 1-1 Germany

All over in extra-time - and we go to penalties! What a finale to this incredible game in Rio.

Fernando Prass
Fernando Prass prepares for penalties Getty Images

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock... we're heading towards the dreaded penalty shootout. It's all Brazil in the closing moments, but they still can't find the net.

Sven Bender can barely move in midfield. He has severe cramp and is hobbling about the pitch.

The German coaching staff suggest subbing him, but Bender flatly refuses. I assume the midfielder will volunteer to take a penalty.

Douglas Santos
Douglas Santos (left) scraps for the ball Getty Images

For the first time in what feels like forever, German have a sustained spell of possession. Gnabry's goal-bound effort is blocked, however, and Brazil survive.

Luan (left) tries to reclaim the ball for Brazil Getty Images

German possession is being greeted by whistles now. The home crowd are urging their side on. An incredible atmosphere in the Maracana.

Neymar is suffering with cramp, but he is trying to drag his aching body over the line, to his credit.

Neymar looks exhausted
Neymar looks exhausted in Rio Getty Images

It's one-way traffic now. Brazil are pressing for the winner, while Germany appear content to play for penalties.

Brazil's latest attack falters when Neymar blazes a right-footed effort over the bar. Ten minutes left - that's all.

Neymar dribbles with the ball Getty Images

Anderson's pace at this stage is a real outlet for Brazil. The Lazio man is Usain Bolt-like over the ground, although his end product can be erratic.

We're back under way already at the Maracana. There are 15 minutes left for someone to make themselves a hero...

And Felipe Anderson was almost the man, latching on to a through ball from Neymar, but his right-footed effort is pushed wide by the keeper. Anderson - who looks a threat - should've hit that with his left foot, though.

Extra-time HT: Brazil 1-1 Germany

The first period of extra time has come and gone - and we're still awaiting a winning goal. Penalties are on the horizon now.

The Brazil side during the break
The Brazil side during the break Getty Images

Whatever the result in this game, it must be said that this has been an outstanding match and will have dramatically enhanced the reputation of the Olympic football tournament, which has had its critics.

More than 200 million in Brazil are absolutely gripped by this occasion.

Julian Brandt
Julian Brandt (left) challenges for the ball Getty Images

The crowd are trying to urge Brazil on, desperate for them to score a gold medal-clinching goal. But as it stands, penalties appear to be a distinct possibility.

Zeca (left) wins the ball for Brazil Getty Images

Oh, it's so, so close for Germany!

Brandt gets his toe on the end of a cross from the right flank, but the ball goes agonisingly wide of the upright. Time seemed to stand still for a second then, as the Maracana sat in silence.

This is incredible stuff.

Gabriel Jesus is coming off, in fact. He is being replaced by Rafinha of Barcelona. His elder brother is Thiago Alcantara, who plays international football for Spain.

Back to the action, anyway, and Luan wastes the ball when Brazil look to launch a break.

Max Meyer goes down with cramp
Max Meyer goes down with cramp Getty Images

Gabriel Jesus appears to have a half-opening but he is hounded out by a determined German defence. It hasn't been Jesus' best night so far, in truth.

Brazil fans cheer their side on
Brazil fans cheer their side on Getty Images

Germany were the better side during the first half, but Brazil definitely started to dominate as full-time approached. Neymar will, once again, be the hosts' go-to man in this extra-time period.

The German team have gone into a little huddle before the game restarts. The Brazilians, on the other hand, are sat on the ground, resting their legs, before they also have a Neymar-led pep talk.

Here we go, then, 30 minutes to decide who wins the gold medal.

Brazil's women's captain Marta (right) watches in the crowd Getty Images

Full-time: Brazil 1-1 Germany

The teams can't be separated in normal time and so we'll play 30 more minutes. What a game - and there's more still to come.

Who will win the Olympic gold medal?

Zeca clears the ball for Brazil Getty Images

Sule is booked for a late tackle on Gabriel Jesus, who has taken a bit of a battering at times this evening. His socks are now round his ankles, like 2016's answer to Laurent Blanc. He's got a bit more pace than the Frenchman ever had, mind you.

We're into three minutes of added time now.

Luan looks for an opening for the hosts Getty Images

Germany launch an increasingly rare counter attack, which eventually falls to the feet of Meyer. On this occasion, however, the captain drags his effort wide of the post.

Both teams look tired now. Less than five minutes of normal time remaining.

Renato Augusto
Renato Augusto clears the ball for Brazil Getty Images

Brazil are blowing and blowing and blowing, but are yet to blow the German house down in Rio. Neymar is at the centre of everything, straining every muscle to find a gold medal-winning goal. The next scorer could be a national hero.

Neymar weaves his magic against Germany Getty Images

Neymar plays a defence-splitting pass into the path of Anderson, but he takes far too long to get his shot off and the Germans nick it off him. A few moments later, Neymar hits a curling effort just wide of the post via a deflection.

This has been a brilliant game - and there's so much drama still to come. It's all Brazil for the time being, though.

Neymar cuts a frustrated figure Getty Images

Germany make another change: the forward Petersen is introduced to the action. He can make himself a hero, here.

Renato Augusto
Renato Augusto wins the ball for Brazil Getty Images

Brazil have a penalty appeal waved away by the ref. Luan went down in the box, but in truth, it was a dive on his part. Brazil have improved in the last five minutes, though, and are pressing for a second goal.

Gabriel Jesus tries to win the ball
Gabriel Jesus tries to win the ball Getty Images

Brazil make a change of their own now.

The much-hyped Gabriel Barbosa is removed for the similarly exciting Felipe Anderson. The Lazio man has pace in heaps, and is a potential match winner. Less than 20 minutes left in normal time.

Neymar dribbles with the ball Getty Images

Germany are forced into a change. Lars Bender is injured and is replaced by Promel. A like-for-like replacement for the away team.

Bender, who has suffered with serious injuries during his career, looks distraught. He's on the cusp of tears as he leaves the field.

Max Meyer
Max Meyer wheels away in celebration Getty Images

Well, just as I say that, Gabriel Jesus goes desperately close to putting Brazil in the lead again. The ball is crossed from the right side and the new Manchester City man pokes the ball inches wide of the goal.

The Maracana was poised to erupt, then.

It's like someone has pulled the plug on the sound in the Maracana. The crowd are deflated by that goal.

To be fair to Germany, they have largely been the better side. Besides Neymar, none of Brazil's much-discussed attackers has really turned up so far tonight.

Gabriel Jesus
Gabriel Jesus loses the ball Getty Images

GOAL: Brazil 1-1 Germany (Meyer)

Germany have the goal their football has deserved! It's the captain Max Meyer with the goal, sweeping the ball home with his right foot after a cutback from the right side.

The Maracana is silent. Germany merited that goal - and we have a thrilling final 30 minutes in store!

Max Meyer celebrates his goal
Max Meyer celebrates his goal Getty Images

Brazil are dropping deeper and deeper and deeper, inviting trouble. You can sense the tension in the crowd.

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt watches the Olympic football final Getty Images

Gnabry has seen plenty of the ball in the opening period of the second half, but the Arsenal man isn't having a great night so far. He's being robbed of the ball all too easily at the moment.

Remember, he's been one of Germany's better players on their run to the final.

Renato Augusto
Renato Augusto calls for help from Brazil's fans Getty Images

The quality levels have dropped in the opening few minutes of the second period but the tackles are still flying in. We already have a few players on yellow cards and I wouldn't be surprised to see a red if it continues like this.

Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa commits a foul Getty Images

Selke goes into the book for Germany. I could give you a reason why, but I have no idea what it is. The German forward looks as bemused as I am.

Neymar urges his team on in Rio Getty Images

Klostermann is fouled on the edge of the box by Neymar. No idea why he was back there.

Anyway, Gnabry is to take the freekick from a similar position from where the Brazil captain scored in the first half ... but Gnabry is not Neymar and it's straight into the wall.

We're back under way in Rio, then, with Brazil leading 1-0 and 45 minutes from glory.

Gabriel Jesus
Gabriel Jesus dribbles with the ball Getty Images

Right, the players have had their half-time pep talk and have emerged from the tunnel. If the second period is as good as the first, it will be enthralling.

Germany know they must take one of their chances, though, if they are to keep their Olympic dream alive.

Here we go...

A Brazil supporter urges his team on
A Brazil supporter urges his team on Getty Images

For all of the criticism these Olympics have received, it must be noted that the atmosphere inside the Maracana is incredible. It is one of the great football stadiums in the world and is a sea of yellow this evening.

Fans inside the stadium
Fans inside the stadium Getty Images

Half-time: Brazil 1-0 Germany

A fabulous first 45 minutes, that. Germany were marginally the better team, but Neymar's magic separates the two teams at the interval.

The hosts are 45 minutes from that all-important gold medal. Let's hope the second half is similarly entertaining.

Neymar celebrates his goal
Neymar celebrates his goal Getty Images

Gabriel Barbosa is booked for pulling Sven Bender's shirt. The reported Manchester United target has been a peripheral figure in this game so far, but he won't care provided Brazil win the gold medal.

We're into one minute of added time.

Brazil win another corner down their left side and Neymar jogs over to take it. The crowd are desperate for a second, tension-easing goal. On this occasion, though, the Barcelona forward's corner is easily cleared.

Less than five minutes until the half-time break in Rio.

Neymar was Brazil's inspiration
Neymar was Brazil's inspiration in the first half Getty Images

A momentarily lull in the action - Brazil, despite their relative inexperience, recognise the need to take the heat out of the game.

It's still 1-0 to the hosts, of course, but Germany could easily be 3-1 up.

A Brazil fan watches the game
A Brazil fan watches the game Getty Images

Unreal, this. Germany have struck the frame of the goal for the third time in 35 minutes! On this occasion, Sven Bender gets his head on a cross from the left side, but his effort rebounds off the woodwork.

Is this Brazil's night?

Brazil celebrate their opening goal
Brazil celebrate their opening goal Getty Images

That's the second time Germany have struck the frame of the goal in this first half. And Germany's response to conceding the first goal has been mightily impressive. This game could easily develop into something epic.

Ah, and now Germany go perilously close to finding the net! The ball is crossed into the box from the left side. A Brazilian defender gets a touch on it (I'm not sure who, to be honest), but it comes crashing back off the crossbar.

Thrilling stuff, this. And the atmosphere in the Maracana is incredible, too.

Serge Gnabry
Serge Gnabry on the ball for Germany Getty Images

GOAL: Brazil 1-0 Germany (Neymar)

Wow wow wow! The darling of Brazilian football has scored one of the goals of his life in one of the biggest games of his life.

From 28 metres out, the Barcelona superstar strikes a pinpoint free-kick into the top corner and the Maracana erupts! What a moment. What a strike. What a player.

Neymar celebrates his brilliant goal Getty Images

Luan is fouled by Bender in the centre of the field. That seemed like a generous decision, and has frustrated the Germans who were set to launch a counter-attack.

The pattern of the game is set, though. The hosts are enjoying the bulk of the ball, while Germany are primed for a quick counter.

From Brazil's latest corner, the ball falls to Renato Augusto - but he fails to make a clean connection and the ball dribbles wide.

Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa on the ball for Brazil Getty Images

There's a huge amount of talent in this Brazil side, but EVERYTHING of note is going through Neymar. The Barcelona man is happy to accept the responsibility of inspiring his teammates - and looks in the mood this evening.

Brazil win a corner but it comes to nothing.

Neymar looks to inspire the host nation Getty Images

Brazil launch a neat attack up the left side, where the ball is cut back to Luan, but the reported Barcelona target fluffs his lines at the vital moment. Brazil are starting to string some passing moves together, though.

This is eye-catching stuff from the two most talented teams in the tournament.

Gabriel Jesus
Gabriel Jesus on the ball for Brazil Getty Images

At the other end now, and Neymar has the ball inside the Germany box, but he is crowded out by Germany's well organised backline. The game is starting to open up a bit after a tepid first few minutes.

Neymar is crowded out
Neymar is crowded out Getty Images

Germany go within inches of finding the first goal!

Brandt collects the ball on the edge of the box and curls a right-footed effort against the frame of the goal. A brilliant effort, that, and a real warning for the hosts. 80,000-odd inside the Maracana breathe a sigh of relief.

Horst Hrubesch
Germany coach Horst Hrubesch encourages his side Getty Images

Brazil are dominating the ball for the time being, without creating anything of note. Neymar is at the hub of everything, but he's picking up the ball too far from goal to do anything meaningful damage.

He looks to set Gabriel Jesus away, but the new Manchester City man is correctly flagged offside. Ten minutes gone in Rio and it's still 0-0.

Neymar looks to create an opening Getty Images

Lars Bender brings down Augusto in the centre of the park, but escapes with a ticking off.

Brazil seem to have settled now, though, and there's plenty of fluidity in their forward line. Neymar, Jesus and Gabigol are all dynamic players in the final third.

Rogerio Micale
Brazil coach Rogerio Micale watches from the sidelines Getty Images

In the build-up to the match, much has, of course, been made of Germany's 7-1 win in the Maracana two years ago. But it's worth pointing out that none of this Brazil team featured in that game.

Anyway, it's a feeling-out process for the time being - neither side has created anything of note so far.

Neymar is under pressure to perform this evening Getty Images

Brazil are playing in their traditional yellow stripe, while the Germans are wearing a rather fetching black number. It's been a pretty slow start from both teams, who are playing in front of a sell-out crowd in Rio.

Neither of these teams have ever won a football gold medal in the men's competition, so there is sure to be some history made this evening.

The Brazil team
The Brazil squad pose for a pre-match snap Getty Images

Here we go then in Rio - the moment the host country has been waiting for. Can Brazil finally get their hands on that coveted gold medal?

A Brazil fan watches the game
A Brazil fan watches the game Getty Images

The likes of Neymar, Gabriel Jesus and Gabigol are just going through their last-minute preparations. They must all know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make themselves a national hero. No pressure, then.

Neymar warms up before kick-off in Rio Getty Images

There is, of course, huge pressure on the hosts heading into this match. After a slow start to the tournament, they have cruised through the knockout phase. But this is the acid test.

Germany, for their part, will hope to quieten the passionate home support in the opening stages. Anyway, we're about 10 minutes from kick-off...

The scene inside the Maracana
The scene inside the Maracana Getty Images

Away from the gold medal match for a second, and Nigeria won the bronze against Honduras in Belo Horizonte earlier today.

The 1996 Olympic football champions won the game 3-2 and are now the first African country to complete an Olympic medal sweep, having bagged a sliver medal in Beijing in 2008.

Nigeria celebrate their success
Nigeria celebrate their success Getty Images

Team news:

So, Brazil field a star-studded line-up as they have throughout this tournament. But all eyes will, once again, be on Neymar, who has missed the start of the European club season in pursuit of Olympic gold.

Germany, on the other hand, are looking for inspiration from the likes of Lars Bender and Gnabry, who has been one of the stars of the tournament.

Brazil: Weverton, Zeca, Rodrigo Caio, Marquinhos, R.Augusto, D.Santos, Luan, G.Barbosa, Neymar, G.Jesus, Walace

Germany: Horn, Toljan, Ginter, Suele, Klostermann, S.Bender, Brandt, L.Bender, Meyer, Gnabry, Selke

Neymar is under pressure to finally deliver an Olympic football gold medal to Brazil VANDERLEI ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images

Good evening and welcome to IBTimes UK's live coverage of one of the most anticipated events of this Olympic Games, the men's football final.

It's a repeat of the World Cup semi-final from two years ago. Remember that one? Germany won 7-1, in case you'd forgotten.

The question is: who will be smiling at the end of this evening? I don't have the answer to that question just yet, but the all-important team news is coming your way...

Brazil fans
Brazil fans before kick-off in Rio Getty Images