The location of the Taba crossing Google maps

An explosion aboard a coach has killed three Korean tourists at a border crossing near the Southern Egyptian border with Israel, Egyptian police sources say. People of around 30 different nationalities were apparently aboard the bus, which had apparently just crossed the border from Israel.

Local media report that Israeli emergency services are on standby across the border but so far the situation is being dealt with by the Egyptians, according to a spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Force.

The border crossing at Taba is popular with Israelis, though the numbers passing through have declined recently due to the security situation. In 2004, 31 people died – including 11 Israelis - when a suicide truck drove into the front of a Hilton Hotel in Taba.

Taba Hilton
Aftermath of the suicide truck bombing at Taba's Hilton Hotel (2004) REUTERS/Ofer Vaknin