Officials in Melbourne have been left with a hefty clean-up bill after a huge Christmas party got out of control.

Fights broke out in parts of the city as police tried to break up the festivities which saw thousands of mainly British backpackers in attendance.

ABC reported that on Christmas Day afternoon, around 5,000 backpackers gathered at the St Kilda beach foreshore and nearby park.

Roads and surrounding areas, particularly in St Kilda, had to be closed as the council enacted emergency measures to contain the party.

As the party raged out of control within a matter of hours, police were called in and several were arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Emergency services attended as a 27-year old man was taken to hospital after getting hit by a tram, and a 27-year-old woman was hospitalised after consuming excess levels of alcohol.

Speaking from the scene, Inspector Jason Kelly said: "It's very disappointing, it's not acceptable... significant police resources have been deployed.

"What people need to do is respect the local community, respect the local environment, and really, abide by the local by-law."

The cost of the cleanup operation is expected to be in the thousands of Australian dollars.

It comes as the City of Port Phillip area, which includes St Kilda, trials a 24-hour alcohol ban, which means that bars on the outskirts have become popular drinking spots.

Mayor Bernadene Voss said: "Because it's becoming very well known as the place to celebrate and drink to excess our council felt it was worthwhile doing it for the next 10 days in particular over New Year's Day and New Year's Eve when it's quite popular."

She added that the majority of those at the party were British. Voss said: "My message is don't trash our beach. We love our community, we love our place, we want people to come and enjoy it but don't trash our place."