Florence Colgate
Florence Colgate is the girl with the perfect face Facebook

Florence Colgate's flawless facial proportions have earned her the title of Britain's most naturally beautiful face after she entered the Lorraine: Naked competition.

The 18-year-old student from Deal, Kent, has mathematically perfect looks, which includes ideal proportions on her face between her large eyes, full lips and high cheekbones, according to the Daily Mail.

Not only is the blonde bombshell's face perfectly symmetrical, but she said to have the "optimum ratio" between her mouth, eyes, chin, and forehead.

Researchers who have studied the science behind attractiveness say that the most attractive female faces have pupils that are just under half the width of the face; Colgate's ratio is 44 percent.

The distance between eyes and mouth should also be just over a third of the distance between the hairline and chin; Colgate's ratio is 32.8 percent.

Carmen Lefèvre, a PhD student in the school of psychology at the University of St. Andrews, who works in its perception lab, explained that symmetry is an important factor to attractiveness.

She said: "Although we don't realise it in everyday interactions, in most people's faces the right and left half of the face are actually quite different.

"For example, the size of the eyes is different or the nose is slightly bent to one side. An explanation why symmetry is important is that it may be a signal of health and good genes."

Colgate has a less scientific view of her looks: "I look at my face and just see me. I don't really see science," she said.

As the winner, Colgate's face will be plastered across billboards at Superdrug stores across the country.