• Business-class passengers were served burnt cheese and tomato toast
  • ;Cabin crew admits that Ryanair passengers get better in-flight catering.

The director of a specialist engineering company, Charles Allen, was served a "disgusting" breakfast on-board a British Airways flight. When Allen complained about the quality of the meal to the cabin crew, they agreed that British Airways in-flight catering was worse than that of budget airline Ryanair.

Allen took the British Airways flight from Miami to London Heathrow on November 21. During the nearly nine-hour flight, Allen was served breakfast. What he received infuriated him so much that he took to social media to report the horrendous service.

The picture he posted showed two measly pieces of toast with a slice of tomato on each and a meagre amount of cheese. Apart from the stingy use of ingredients, the char on the toast made it look utterly inedible. Just by looking at the picture, one can hear Gordon Ramsey rant,"This toast is so burnt it looks like a koala rescued from a bushfire!"

British Airways
British Airways passengers complains about horrible in-flight meal Reuters

Upon arrival at his destination, Allen tried to get the attention of the airline by posting a picture of the deplorable meal he was served. British Airlines, however, claimed that there were no complaints raised regarding the quality of food served on-board their flights.

Allen posted the picture in the Facebook group British Airways Complaints Advice. Facebook users took the opportunity to comment on the shoddy service of the airline company. Some users pointed out that if people in business class were getting such meals, one can only imagine what the rest of the passengers were being served. Other comments ranted about the uncomfortable seats on the extremely old aircraft which British Airways still uses.

However, a British Airways spokesperson told The Independent that they have not received any complaint. According to them, neither Allen nor the cabin crew members have lodged a complaint with the airline regarding the meals being served.

In August, a disgruntled passenger flying from Chicago to London Heathrow had shared a similar experience on Facebook. Sandra Arthur shared a picture of soggy pieces of bread with bits of egg scattered over it. The bruschetta with egg and cheese from hell had mustered an apology from British Airways.