The parents of a 21-year-old tourist from Lincoln were unable to reach her on Sunday, after she went partying with her friends on Saturday night in Sydney. On Monday, Madalyn Davis' grief-stricken family confirmed that Davis had passed away. The backpacker, who had put her life on hold to travel, died after falling from the cliffs at Diamond Bay. Her body was recovered after a short search.

The young model had decided to leave the United Kingdom to travel the world. Her friends claimed that Davis had told them she had no plans of returning to the UK anytime soon. Her journey, which started in November, came to a tragic end weeks after she arrived in Australia.

Davis was at a party in Vaucluse, an affluent suburban area in eastern Sydney, on Saturday night. After the party, Davis went to the Diamond Bay Reserve with seven friends. The group wanted to see the sunrise from the infamous cliffs known for being a perfect yet deadly picture spot.

diamond bay reserve
Diamond bay cliffs from where 21-year-old backpacker fell to her death Yudi/Yudi [CC BY-SA]

Climbing over the safety fence, the group made their way to the edge of the cliff. While at the edge., Davis fell from the cliff to the waters below.

New South Wales Police received the emergency call around 6:30 am (local time) on Sunday. Emergency services, Pol Air and the Marine Area Command started their search for Davis in the early hours. Within four hours of the emergency call, the police were able to recover Davis' body from the water.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that an investigation has been launched to uncover the chain of events that led to Davis' death. The police are awaiting the coroner's report for further information.

After travelling through places like Thailand and Bali, Davis had plans of staying in Australia for a while. On Sunday, her mother had written a post on social media asking for information about Davis' whereabouts after the family was unable to contact her. On Monday, the family confirmed Davis' death and paid tribute to her.

The Diamond Bay cliffs draw visitors who wish to take pictures or catch fish from the cliffs. Due to a number of people falling to their deaths, the cliff has a safety fence to prevent people from going to the edge. However, even after incidents like Davis' death, people keep climbing over the fence to take pictures or go fishing, reported.