Dean Petley paid the two women over £3,000 to watch them abuse children under the age of 13. The 30-year-old British engineer from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire met the women on adult services websites. The National Crime Agency has arrested all three individuals involved in the crime. While one of the women has received a sentence of over 12 years, Petley and the other woman await sentencing.

One of the women has been identified as Jodie Little, who is originally from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Little used the online name "devil b***h 666." Between January 2017 and February 2018, Petley paid Little for her "service" which involved abusing two young children and performing sexual acts in front of the children. Petley paid Little a total amount of £750.

The other woman, who remains unnamed, received a total of £2,285. Over a span of three years, Petley paid the woman to watch her abuse a young girl.

child grooming

NCA became aware of the child abuse being conducted by Little as a webcam service to paedophiles. Little was tracked down in Northern Cyprus from where she was conducting her illegal activities. Among the list of her clients, NCA found Petley.

From online chats between Petley and Little, NAC found evidence of Petley demanding Little to perform sexual acts in front of the children. 10 files sent from Little to Petley had harrowing videos of the woman abusing the children sexually and even narrating an incident of a child being raped.

When the NCA examined Petley's hard drive, they found more evidence of child abuse. The paedophile had been paying for the service of the unnamed woman who had been abusing a young girl. There were also five inappropriate pictures of children on the drive.

At Isleworth Crown Court, Petley pleaded guilty of 11 charges and is now awaiting his sentencing. The unnamed woman has also been charged but she has not submitted a plea yet. Little is already serving a 12 year and four-month sentence for her crimes.

The Mirror reported that NCA operations manager, Jason Booth, said that there has been an increase in cyber-enabled child sexual offences. Along with the United Kingdom police, the NCA arrests nearly 500 child sex offenders monthly. They prevent almost 700 children from falling prey to paedophiles. Booth emphasised that the safety of children is NCA's priority and they will go to any extent to ensure that offenders receive appropriate punishment.