Amelia Hempleman-Adams and David Hempleman-Adams
Amelia Hempleman-Adams, 16, with her father, adventurer David Hempleman-Adams. PA

The daughter of noted Antarctic adventurer David Hempleman-Adams has become the youngest person to ski to the South Pole.

Amelia Hempleman-Adams, 16, completed the journey with her father. The duo traveled 97 miles in 17 days, according to the Daily Mirror.

"The biggest challenges were the freezing cold, dried food, pulling frozen poo in a sledge, and Dad's snoring. The best bit has been experiencing what Dad does. Every night, I was shattered and aching," Amelia told the newspaper from the South Pole via a satellite phone.

Interestingly, her father was the first British man to reach the South Pole alone. He led his daughter and a small team from the Farthest Point South, which is the area where his hero, Ernest Shackleton, had to turn back in 1909.

"It's one thing going off on your own, but another when you are looking after your own daughter. Shackleton is my hero, and it was special to share those last 97 miles with Amelia," the adventurer told the Mirror.