Mystery vigilante dubbed the 'Bromley Batman' is taking crime into his own hands is saving people from thugs Warner Bros.

A masked vigilante nicknamed the "Bromley Batman" has been saving local residents from gangs and muggers in South London.

The real-life superhero who is reportedly to be in his 30s, and has a "well-groomed beard" first made headlines when he saved a businessman from being robbed at knife-point.

The incognito superhero wears a mask, combat trousers and was also spotted rescuing a woman from being robbed at Lewisham DLR station.

The victim who has asked not to be named, told the Evening Standard that the 6ft mugger "didn't speak but made an angry growling sound", as he tried to grab her bag.

"It was a horrible emotion of feeling sick to the stomach," she said. "The force behind it was actually painful."

As the woman's assailant made to run off, the 'Bromley Batman' came to her rescue, tripping the mugger up and grabbing the stolen handbag in the process.

"If I could give him a kiss to say thanks, I would be a happy girl," she added.

The vigilante is thought to be skilled in martial arts after another witness in neighbouring Penge, saw him put someone in a "ninja lock".

The second victim named as only Ken said he had come out of nowhere to save him from the drunk thieves.

"He grabbed one of them, attacking him, and put some kind of ninja lock on him. He pushed him while twisting this geezer's arm into the other fella," added Ken.

Many people took to Twitter to express their excitement over the "Bromley Batman" and his kick-ass bravery.

David Neil Robinson ‏@DDIGITALMEDIA said: "Seems like we have a Daredevil cosplayer running around in South London, beating thugs, taking names."

While Michael Moran ‏@TheMichaelMoran tweeted: "This is the absolute best news story I can imagine. It's got #Batman, it's got #Bromley, it's got utter madness."

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The Met police has only commented to say that no-one has reported any sightings of the Bromley Batman to them.