American rocker Bruce Springsteen is back at the top of music charts across the world, courtesy his new album "Wrecking Ball". The iconic rocker, nicknamed "Boss", stands atop UK music charts for the ninth time in his career.

Springsteen, in a Reuters report, has said to have mixed familiar anthemic rock with gospel, Irish folk music and even hip-hop. The "Wrecking Ball" has been described as "his angriest and most overtly political collection yet" by a reviewer.

The UVM Post reviewed the 62-year-old singer's album as: "Rarely (but occasionally) does Springsteen successfully internalize the conflict at the album's core, another trait common among his greatest material, perhaps because at this point he's distant enough from his legitimate working-class background to have been separated almost wholly from its influence. And as a diagnosis of American plight, Wrecking Ball is almost comically off-base, obtuse in its language and cliché in its thinking (the term "fat cats" is used in seriousness on the album's very first song)."

Meanwhile, the Military Wives are at Number 2 with "In My Dreams", having lost to Springsteen by 18,000 votes. Gotye, the Belgian-Australian singer and musician, still rules the singles chart, with "Somebody That I Used To Know", according to NME.

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