French-born student Pierre DaCosta Noble was found dead at Windermere School in Lake District. He was found on the boarding school property by two senior pupils on November 9, 2019. An inquest at Cockermouth Coroner's Court on Monday, September 28, heard how the student was deeply disturbed due to the bullying he faced.

School authorities claimed that the "model student" was well-liked. However, finding excrement in his shoes as well as on his pillows days before his death is believed to have played a key role in his death. The inquest concluded that the student had deliberately taken his own life.

The 14-year-old student had joined the £30,000-a-year boarding school in the spring of 2019. Within months of joining the new school, Noble became the target of bullies. On two occasions his bullies left faeces on the boy's belongings. He once found excreta in his boots and the other time he found faeces smeared on the inside of his pillow.

Days after he reported the incident, Noble's housemaster and physics teacher Paul Ainsworth could not find him when it was bedtime for the pupils. He asked two senior students to go look for the boy. When they returned, they told the teacher that they found the student hanged.

Ainsworth alerted emergency services and tried to resuscitate the student until an ambulance arrived. Noble was taken to Royal Lancaster Infirmary where he was eventually declared dead.

The inquest heard that the protocol followed in case of a student going missing would involve the raising of the fire alarm. Ainsworth said that he did not follow the protocol as he was worried it would further distress Noble who had been struggling since the bullying incident that week. Joanna Parry, who was the deputy head of pastoral care at Windermere School at the time, supported the decision of the housemaster.

Windermere School's headteacher Ian Lavender said that he had not spoken to the student directly as there was a system in place. He said he regretted not addressing the issue even though he was aware of it, the Daily Mail reported.

Ainsworth said that he found the bullying odd as Noble was well-liked. His friends reportedly said that the pupil was unhappy at the school.

Concluding the inquest, the coroner stated that Noble's intentions were clear and he had deliberately attempted to end his life.

Windermere School
14-year-old student took his own life at Windermere School after being bullied. (representational image) MRiley / CC BY-SA ( MRiley / CC BY-SA

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