More than 150,000 people have fled Burundi in recent weeks, and many are staying just over the border in Rwanda.

As it stands, more than 14,000 refugees are living in Bugesera Refugee Camp, one of the biggest camps in Rwanda. Conditions can be desperate, but few plan to go home anytime soon.

Bugesera is now the second largest refugee camp for Burundian refugees in Rwanda. In the run-up to the elections, it was receiving hundreds daily. But, since Tuesday's (21 July) polls, arrivals have been dwindling. Officials don't believe that's by choice.

"According to what they [the people coming in] are saying, the borders are closed. So, many of [the] militia are watching, and they are forcing people to stay in the country," said Azarie Karangwa, manager of the camp.

Tens of thousands of Burundians have passed through the camp since the troubles broke out in April.

Refugees at the camp typically stay two weeks before being transferred to better facilities at Camp Mahama about four hours' drive from the capital, Kigali. But, Camp Mahama currently has a shortage of water, so refugees at Bugesera are stuck for the time being.

Karangwa said the camp is running smoothly for now.

"The situation is under control. We have shelters, we have food, we are feeding them. We have enough water. We have sanitation. We have a clinic. When someone is sick, we have [the] possibility to treat him," he said.

Officially, Rwanda has the capacity to host 50,000 refugees. But now, it's sheltering more than 70,000. And, the numbers coming over the border from Burundi are expected to increase in the coming weeks.