Residents of the Talega community in San Clemente, California, have been thoroughly freaked out after finding porcelain dolls on their front doorsteps – that look like their daughters.

Orange County Sheriff's Department has launched an investigation after the dolls were discovered on the front porches of eight different homes in San Clemente.

The dolls were left over the course of the week and families reported it to the police, concerned that the dolls resembled their daughters.

"Sheriff's investigators are actively reviewing and following up on information provided by each of the families involved," the Sheriff's office said.

"The porcelain dolls have been collected as evidence and are being examined in an attempt to identify their origin or discover clues as to who may be responsible for leaving them."

The department said investigators are working with members of the Talega community and families impacted by the dolls to work out any connections between them.

Anyone with information about the origin of the creepy dolls are being asked to contact the Department's South Investigations Unit.