Elliot Rodger's family said he had been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and had been receiving psychiatric care.
Elliot Rodger's family said he had been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and had been receiving psychiatric care. Facebook

Shocking new details have emerged about Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old son of a Hollywood director who killed six people in a California college town.

It has been revealed that minutes before he went on the killing spree, Rodger had emailed a lengthy manifesto detailing his deadly plans. In this document he also explained how the police had come close to seizing his weapons.

After receiving the email containing a 140-page manifesto titled 'My Twisted World', Rodger's parents raced to try and stop him. It also left a family friend, Cathleen Bloeser, 58, who was marked on the email, wondering whether her son was an intended target, reports Reuters.

Bloeser, whose son was a childhood friend of the shooter, said Rodger emailed the chilling manifesto to some 30 people including his mother, father and former teachers.

KEYT's Joe Buttita tweeted on May 25 that the news station had also obtained a 140-page 'manifesto' allegedly written by the suspected shooter (via The Huffington Post).

The Los Angeles Times said Rodger detailed his 'anger and alienation' in the written statement, in which he also vowed to wage a "war on women."

"All of my suffering on this world has been at the hands of humanity, particularly women, it has made me realise just how brutal and twisted humanity is as a species," Rodger is believed to have written.

The Los Angeles Times published portions of Rodger's manifesto, in which he details his fear that police would have discovered his plot when they visited him last month.

"I had the striking and devastating fear that someone had somehow discovered what I was planning to do, and reported me for it," Rodger wrote.

"If that was the case, the police would have searched my room, found all of my guns and weapons, along with my writings about what I plan to do with them. I would have been thrown in jail, denied of the chance to exact revenge on my enemies. I can't imagine a hell darker than that."

He said the police left after he told them it was all a misunderstanding.

Rodger also posted a YouTube video shortly before he went on the rampage, in which he complains of loneliness and rejection by women and speaks of his plan to kill those he detested.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown stated that Rodger was seen by a variety of healthcare professionals and it was "very, very apparent he was severely mentally disturbed."

Rodger stabbed three people to death in his apartment before gunning down three more victims on Friday night in the town of Isla Vista near the campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB).

He also wounded 13 people, including eight who he shot as he sped through town in his black BMW, exchanging fire with police, authorities said. He then shot himself.

Read the manifesto below: