Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that a victory for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would be good for world peace.

Hun Sen joins foreign leaders like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and President Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic who have publicly endorsed Trump.

"I really want Trump to win," Reuters quoted Hun Sen as saying in a speech to thousands of police officers at police academy ceremony.

He believes a Trump presidency would reduce tensions with Russia.

"If Trump wins, the world will change and may be in a good situation because Trump is a businessman so he doesn't want war ... there can be friendship between Trump and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin," he said.

Putin has not openly favoured any candidate but has praised Trump as "very talented", while the business mogul has repeatedly called the Kremlin boss a better leader than US President Barack Obama. This even led to his rival, Clinton, accusing him of being Putin's "puppet" and questioned his business interests in Russia.

Hun Sen, who has met Clinton on various occasions during her tenure as US secretary of state, criticised the Democratic nominee saying she pushed the US to go to war in Syria, and that the world will not be safe if she wins.

He also noted that if Clinton gets elected in next week's elections, the relationship between the US and Russia will be strained, whereas Trump winning might improve ties. He added that US-China cooperation too will be just about average.

Cambodia PM Hun Sen
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has endorsed Donald Trump saying the Republican would help heal the deeply strained ties between the US and Russia REUTERS/Samrang Pring