Toe (Image Credit: Flickr/HeyDanielle)

A Canadian man has been fined $500 (£307) for swallowing a mummified human toe at a bar in Canada on Saturday night.

Serving a severed human toe inside a shot of whisky named Sourtoe Cocktail, is apparently a tradition in Dawson City, Youkon, Canada. The tradition dates back to 1970s and was reportedly founded by river barge pilot named Captain Dick Stevenson.

However, the person taking the shot is not supposed to swallow the toe. They are only expected to let the toe touch their lips while finishing the drink.

If a customer accidentally swallows it which, according to a report in Metro, happens quite often, he/she needs to pay the fine.

According to the report, the restaurant gets the toes from live people who donate their body part after losing it in an accident or due to an ailment.

"I'd never, ever expected something like that to happen," said Terry Lee a local retiree who was working as the "toe captain" in Saturday night at the bar said, according to The star. Lee has been holding the position at the bar since June.

According to Lee, the latest toe swallowed by the man was "mummified" with salt.

He further said the toes are put into the drinks of patrons about 30 to 40 times per night. Those who have the drinks also get a certificate for their courageous deed.

"It's a dark brown colour, completely wrinkled. It's a gross looking thing," Lee said.

Talking about what happened on Saturday night, Lee said:

"This guy popped it in his mouth . . . takes $500 out of his pocket and slams it on the table and starts walking away. I said, 'Where's the toe?' and he said, 'I swallowed it' . . . I was shocked."

Now that the bar has lost its toe, it is on a look out for a new one.

"We're still looking for a toe - or toes," said Lee.