Captain America: Civil War
Chris Evans and pals in Captain America: Civil War Film Frame / Marvel

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have opened up about breaking Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the latest chapter of the superhero franchise. The duo said that they are "most excited" to see Steve Roger aka Captain America surprise fans with his vulnerable side, which was never thought about in any superhero film.

In the movie, Avengers will be divided in two teams – Team Captain America and Team Iron Man – over the government's bid to take control of the Avengers. Team Captain America will be against the government's regulations, while Team Iron Man will be in favour. Further, Steve Rogers's relationship with his old friend Bucky aka Winter Soldier will cause a conflict with Tony Stark. And the Black Widow's decision of siding with Iron Man will expose the Avenger's emotions for the first time.

"The experience of making Winter Soldier was fantastic!" Anthony told ET Online. "We loved what we did creatively, and we didn't feel like the story was finished that we were telling in that film... We wanted to keep going with it.

"Part of Captain America's superpower is that he's such a strong, ethical, moral-centered, moral character. He's pretty hard to break on that level. It's hard to deal with a character like that because we like vulnerabilities in our characters and in our storytelling. You have to work really hard on Captain America to find those vulnerabilities," he added.

"That's one thing we're most excited about in this movie," he continued. "I think we finally push him in a place that's going to surprise people, and a place that he's never been before – but it's a very human place."

The cast of the movie includes Chris Evans as Captain America, Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow, Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Paul Rudd is Ant-Man and Anthony Mackie will play Falcon.

The movie released in theatres in the UK on 29 April, but is set to release in the US on 6 May.