To ensure that children do not clog the toilet with too much toilet paper, Kitchener Road Primary School in Cardiff, Wales does not provide toilet paper in cubicles. The mother of a four-year-old student was shocked when her daughter had to be taken to the hospital due to a stomach ache. The child's mother blames her severe constipation on the school's toilet paper policy.

The primary school provides a single toilet paper box in each toilet. Students need to count and take the toilet paper with themselves when entering the toilet cubicles. This means that in case children soil themselves or need more toilet paper, then they have to walk out their cubicle to get more paper.

Children between the ages of four and 11 are forced to make the decision every time they go to the toilet. Fahmin Khanum was shocked when she saw her daughter count and take tissues to the cubicle.

Toilet paper
school did not provide children with toilet paper in the cubicles. Leonard J Matthews

Khanum's daughter had to be admitted to the hospital last month with a severe stomach ache. After a three-day stay at the University Hospital of Wales, the doctors concluded that the child was suffering from constipation. She had never suffered from constipation before and was potty trained by the age of two and a half.

Khanum was not sure why her child had suffered from constipation until she visited the school. During Parent's Night at Kitchener Road Primary School, Khanum visited the toilet with her daughter.

The mother was distraught to see that her child counted and took five pieces of toilet paper. Khanum realised that her child had been suffering from anxiety because of the toilet paper policy. The limited toilet paper supply forced her child to be uncomfortable when relieving herself.

The Mirror pointed out that the child's toilet anxiety at school made her anxious to use toilets at all.

Both Khanum and her husband, Afjul Ali, submitted a written complaint to the school's headteacher, Ruth Jackson. According to the school authorities, the toilet paper policy has been reviewed. The school will be installing toilet paper dispensers in the cubicles to ensure that the children no longer have to suffer the embarrassment or anxiety or running out of toilet paper to use.