On the 16 February, sixteen inmates at Cook Country Jail were involved in a vicious brawl inside a maximum security wing of the site.

The Cook County Sheriff's office released footage of the incident which showed one man walk up to a group of inmates, he then punched another man in the face.

After this all of the other inmates in the room began to brawl with each other before jail guards entered the room to break up the chaos.

One inmate is seen lying down in a corner after guards come into the room another inmate ran over and kicked him in the head before several guards tackled him.

Guards then tried to hold down the inmate, meanwhile yet another man ran up behind another inmate and punched him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground.

That inmate then engaged in a fight with a third man, before a further flurry of guards entered into the room armed with stun guns and pepper spray.

Two inmates were taken to hospitals in the local area for treatment with injuries including puncture wounds.

Others involved were treated at the jail and none of the detainees' injuries were life threatening. A homemade weapon was found at the scene.

Cook County Jail is the largest single-site prison in the US, housing about 10,000 inmates. It employs about 3,800 law enforcers and over 7,000 civilians. It has struggled with overcrowding over the years.