Intel has unveiled a pair of smart glasses that can help wearers see inside objects. The set of glasses with X-ray-like vision, co-developed by virtual reality firm Daqri, was launched at CES in Las Vegas.

The smart glasses have been built into a helmet specifically designed for industrial use. Daqri's smart helmet would allow workers to look inside the working of objects such as pipes and other machinery, while also providing them with relevant information such as diagrams, maps, and problem areas that need to be fixed.

The smart helmet, which has been tested by some Fortune 100 companies across aerospace, construction, oil and gas industries, aims to maximise the safety, productivity and well-being of workers in a variety of industrial settings.

The device's technology is powered by Intel's latest core processor, the 6th Gen Core m7 processor, and Real Sense camera technology, which was launched in 2014. It also utilises Daqri's computer vision and tracking system, as well as 360-degree sensor array technology.

"The Daqri Smart Helmet is a great example of integrating advanced human-machine interface into existing devices to make something smart and solve a potential problem," managing director of Intel's internet of things strategy office, Bridget Karlin, was quoted as saying by The

"Intel is transforming industry with its advanced technologies," said Daqri founder and CEO Brian Mullins. "Intel powers some of the world's most impressive products and, with the addition of its latest processor and RealSense technology into DAQRI Smart Helmet, we introduce the most advanced human-machine interface to the market," he said.

The smart helmet will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2016.

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