Samsung will show off a fridge with large touchscreen at CES 2016 IBTimes UK

Samsung will use CES to reveal a range of new home appliances, including a fridge with a giant Android touchscreen on the front, acting as a "family hub". Also on show will be a wristband for controlling the Gear VR virtual reality headset, and a smart belt used to track movement, health and fitness. We also expect to see many new televisions, as is always the case at CES.

CES is where Samsung shows off pretty much everything apart about from its mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches, all of which it will save for Mobile World Congress in March – where the Galaxy S7 will arrive – and IFA in September, where the focus tends to be on smartwatches.

Samsung will be live streaming its CES press conference here. It kicks off at 2pm on 5 January PST (10pm GMT).

IBTimes UK will be on the ground in Las Vegas to get hands-on with whatever Samsung announces.

As might be obvious when looking at a fridge with a massive touchscreen on its door, the appliances shown off here by Samsung are leagues above what most of us will ever buy. That's the thing with CES: it feels a lot like a show where manufacturers bring the biggest, brightest and most expensive items to create headlines, rather than launch a portfolio of products which we can all afford.

Anyway, if it's enormous televisions and internet-connected fridges you are after, then buckle up, because we have a whole week of it coming right up.