LG will be holding a press conference in CES, Las Vegas, at 8am PST (4pm GMT) on 5 January. During its hour-or-so on stage, the Korean company is likely to talk about a new line up of televisions, new home appliances – smart ones, naturally – and a new display which can be rolled up like a newspaper.

The last of those was actually revealed the day before CES kicked off. The prototype is an 18in screen which can be rolled up without breaking or affecting what it displays. Although it is unlikely to save the newspaper industry, this proof-of-concept shows how LG is keen to develop gadgets with curved and bendable screens, like smartphones and TVs.

LG will be live streaming its CES press conference here, with things kicking off at 8am PST (4pm GMT) on 5 January.

Elsewhere, LG will have a wide range of televisions on show at CES, specifically 4K (Ultra HD) sets with the ability to show HDR video, which boosts the contrast ratio and colour accuracy, producing richer and more realistic images. LG will debut its new webOS 3.0 software at CES, which will run on three new models of 4K television; each model will have screen sizes ranging from 49in to a massive 86in.

If that wasn't enough, LG will also show off a new, thinner-than-ever TV which is just 6.6mm deep, making it thinner than many smartphones. Finally, there will be a 98in monster with an 8K resolution. No, you can't buy it, and even if you could, there is barely any 8K content to show on it. But it will no doubt look incredible, regardless of these minor limitations.

LG used CES in 2015 to announce the new G Flex 2 smartphone, but we haven't heard much about a G Flex 3 this year, so it looks like the show will be all about televisions and roll-able screens, not smartphones, in 2016.