A video showing a 95-year-old man breaking the world 200m indoor sprint record, for those aged 95 and above, has gone viral online.

The video, posted to YouTube by Silver Grey Sports Club on 8 March, shows former dentist Dr Charles Eugster making the sprint at London's Lee Valley Athletics Centre on 10 August 2014.

It has been viewed over half a million times.

In the video, the former amateur rower and bodybuilder can be seen taking to the blocks before setting off round the track. A scoreboard shows his new world record of 55.45 seconds.

Eugster smashed the previous record, held by USA's Orville Rogers, by 2.4 seconds.

In the online hit video he is shown celebrating with his fitness trainer, former Austrian gymnast Sylvia Gattiker.

He told Silver Grey Sports Club his trainer had "practically completely" rebuilt his body since he met her at the age of 89.

"In fact today I am of the impression that it is possible to have a beach body certainly in your nineties," he said.

Silver Grey Sports Club is a website which promotes fitness and conditioning in those over 50.

It celebrates those people's successes in athletics, extreme and adventure sports.