Have we reached a stage where the very mention of Charlie Sheen's name brings about memories of alcohol addiction? Oh... and of course the never-to-be-forgotten character he played in television's "Two and a Half Men" who, incidentally, was also something of an alcoholic.

The talented Sheen has had recurrent and very well document problems with alcoholism and, according to a TMZ report, was seen regressing to his Charlie Harper (his character on "Two and a Half Men") days, during a Guns N Roses concert.

A report on Hollywood gossip Web site Perez Hilton said he was "not just hammered. He was SMAMMERED! Smashed AND hammered".

When asked, by one of several paparazzi journalists in the area what his favourite GNR song was, Sheen answered "Mr Brownstone" and reportedly raised his eyebrows.

In case you're wondering why that is a controversial answer... Mr Brownstone is slang for heroin.

Meanwhile, as he was driving away, a bystander called out: "I party like Charlie Sheen".

In true Charlie Sheen/Harper style, the comeback was: "You're still alive?!"