Same-sex activities are criminalised in 72 countries across the world, and are punishable by death in eight.

In many countries LGBT people experience rejection, isolation from their communities and appalling discrimination.

What is taking place in Chechnya now is an abhorrent example of this.

It is vital that the UK government does what it can to support the campaigners and organisations on the ground working to change situations like this.

In our latest election campaign video, we talk to Dmitry, an LGBT refugee from Russia, about why this is so important.

To further equality for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people abroad, we're asking that the UK government commits to:

  • Respond strongly, quickly and effectively where LGBT people face violence or persecution;
  • Put the human rights of LGBT people at the heart of the government's agenda when working with other countries through diplomacy, trade deals and ensuring organisations receiving UK aid don't leave LGBT people behind;
  • Make sure the work of government departments to champion global LGBT equality is strategic and co-ordinated, with clear ministerial leadership;
  • Treat LGBT people who have fled persecution and seek asylum in the UK with fairness and respect, including not exacerbating the abuse they have experienced by placing them in detention; and
  • Provide direct support, including specific funding, to human rights defenders in other countries working to improve the lives of LGBT people and achieve equality.

With their support among others', we can work toward a world where all LGBT people are free to be themselves, no matter where they are.

You can also find out about how to support the situation in Chechnya here.