Transformers The Last Night
Optimus Prime fighting with the robotic dragons in a poster of Transformers The Last Night Paramount Pictures

Transformers: The Last Knight is still in its production stage but the studio allowed fans a sneak peek at the all-new look for some of the movie's characters. A brief fact file released via the official Transformers Twitter account showed revised designs for three of the robots.

The Decepticon leader Megatron is shown in medieval-style armour and along with the giant gun strapped to his arm, the alien machine also has a mean looking double-sided axe.

New images of the artwork for Barricade were also released on the social media site. Earlier fans were shown the Decepticon's vehicle avatar — a black and white Ford Mustang Saleen police car. Now the studio has also uploaded an image of Barricade in his robot form, replete with the words "punish" and "enslave" on his elbows while "serve" and "protect" are situated as brass knuckles on his fists.

On the good guys' side, Hound, the military truck Autobot has also been given a few updates. While his vehicle version is still to be released, it's bound to be a medical military truck now, going by the red cross signs all over his robot armour.

Sniper robot Crosshairs and scooter parts mini-autobot Sqweeks's artworks were released earlier and we can expect some more in the coming weeks. Transformers: The Last Knight will be released on 23 June 2017.