Ched Evans
The victim of rapist Ched Evans has been outed again, after photos of her appeared on a web page Getty

Two photos of the woman raped by Ched Evans were posted on the internet last night, on a web page which has been viewed thousands of times.

An investigation by People discovered they did not need her name to find clear images of her online.

The photos show her with a girlfriend smiling at the camera and appear on an Asian news website.

A second Asian website has the same pictures, with buttons allowing people to post the images to Facebook and Twitter.

The 23-year-old who is entitled to lifelong anonymity under Sec 1 of the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1992.

So far, nine people in the UK have been prosecuted for naming her on Twitter, and police have warned that they will charge those who identify her again.

The victim's family said she was "traumatised" by the loss of her anonymity.

She has had to move home five times under a new name for fear of retribution after Twitter trolls repeatedly revealed her location.

Rape campaigner Jill Saward said: "It makes a mockery of the law.

"She is a rape victim and is entitled to complete anonymity. This callous irresponsibility is being fuelled by people who did not like the outcome of the case," she told the Mirror.

"What is happening to her is disgraceful. It is constant. There are people determined to out her at every opportunity and it must be almost unbearable for her.

"She has already undergone a traumatic experience but her nightmare shows no signs of ending.

"People who flout the law by revealing details about her like this should be brought to justice and punished severely."

Since the Evan's conviction for rape, the woman has been forced to live abroad. It is believed she may come back to Britain to give evidence to the fast-tracked Criminal Cases Review Commission re-examining Evans' conviction.

The victim's father has spoken out on behalf of his daughter. "She is living her life on the run. I don't think the police are doing their job if she's having to move five times in under three years.

"Ched Evans is able to lead a normal life. He has never apologised to my daughter."