Crates of beer have been spotted being delivered to the White House in what many believe is a celebrating of the Obamacare replacement bill being passed by the House.

The House narrowly passed the American Healthcare Act, a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act, by 217 to 213 votes – a decision that has been slammed by the American Civil Liberties Union, Democrats and even some Republicans.

But House Republicans who pushed the bill through are believed to be celebrating with cases of Bud Light even as millions of people around the US have been left uncertain about what future medical coverage they will have under Trumpcare.

Although the journalists who spotted crates of beer being carried into The Capitol were not certain where they were being taken, speculation is rife they were celebratory drinks intended for members of the GOP.

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump
Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and US President Donald Trump Win McNamee/Getty Images

One reporter in DC snapped the beer being carried, noting there were 'cases upon cases' of booze being brought in. The man loading the beers denied they were destined for the GOP conference meeting but gave no further details.

Despite the narrow victory in the House, which came more than a month after Trump's initial attempt at healthcare reform fell flat after failing to secure the necessary support from within the Republican party, the bill must now pass through the Senate – which is by no means guaranteed to ratify the legislation.