Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has taken aim at Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness after their reaction to the conduct of his players during their Champions League exit to Paris Saint-Germain.

The Blues' players were seen to crowd referee Bjorn Kuipers before he sent off Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a challenge on Oscar in the first half at Stamford Bridge.

Carragher condemned their actions as "disgraceful and sad", while Souness labelled the gamesmanship adopted by Chelsea's players as "unacceptable" and also criticised the intimidatory tactics of striker Diego Costa.

Mourinho has previously attacked unnamed members of the media for leading a campaign against his team after seeing a series of high-profile decisions go against them, but the Chelsea boss has now identified those responsible - with a focus on the Liverpool pair.

"You know the world is a bit strange maybe because of diets and the quality of the products we are eating I think memories are getting shorter," the Chelsea man said. "When Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness speak about it it is because they are having a problem.

"When the game finished I was in the tunnel and one by one not just the players but the coaches from Paris Saint-Germain I shook their hands and told them they deserved it. This is the way we behave after a defeat.

"I am not like how people sometimes like to describe me. Jamie stopped playing [for Liverpool] two years ago and he forget everything he did on the pitch. Mr Souness also forgot but he stopped playing a long time ago.

"He also forget that a couple of years after he left Benfica, I coached them and I know a lot about him. I know so much about him.

"I am a certainty type of education not just in football but in life and I prefer to laugh and I prefer to say envy is the biggest tribute that the shadows do to the man."