Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink said Eden Hazard's woeful performance this season comes down to "freshness". Hazard has yet to score for the Blues this season, after receiving the Premier League's Player of the Season award last year.

Asked whether Hazard needed an arm around his shoulder, Hiddink said: "I'm not his mother, they get proper attention. They all have an individual approach. One needs a lash, another needs an arm. Another one needs to be pinched a bit. It's different but we give him time to come back to his level," he added.

"For me it's about freshness. If your mind is fresh and players are eager to step up and enjoy training that's a signal of freshness," said Hiddink.

"He has won trophies but this season he has had some physical problems. Yesterday was the Ballon d'Or and you see the freshness of the players who win the Ballon d'Or – they are playing like youngsters. That's what we are aiming for with him. He has to enjoy it and get rid of the physical problems, then he will come into his normal shape," he added.