A Chicago restaurant has just recently launched the world's most expensive peanut butter and jelly sandwich fit and gilded for royalty. The high-priced PB&J sandwich will create a slightly painful £262 dent in your wallet. Rightfully named "The Golden Goose" sandwich, you can find it on the menu of a West Loop restaurant named PB&J ( Pizza, Beer and Jukebox).

As mad as the price may seem, the sandwich comes with a rewarding gratification as a portion of the proceeds goes directly to a charity campaign that benefits children living in Chicago's homeless shelters.

To match it's illustrious menu price, The Golden Goose sandwich is not your lowly pantry midnight snack staple. It is made with toasted edible gold leaf bread, all-natural peanut butter, manuka honey imported from New Zealand, and dressed with the world's most expensive seedless red currant jam from Maison Dutriez in France. The jam is made even more special since it is said to have been hand-seeded using goose quills.

To get your hands on this delectable piece of gold gilded tummy filler, orders need to be placed a day in advance.

In a press release shared with Fox News, PB&J restaurant owners Matthew and Josh McCahill said their idea for their infamous sandwich came after spotting another decadent PB&J at another joint called Red's Golden Gourmet in San Diego. Their version of a PB&J is made with peanut butter, jelly, blueberries, bananas, bacon, and two sterling silver, gold-plated toothpicks. The sandwich is pegged at £224. However that restaurant is no longer operational.

The restaurateur brothers also credit their childhood years as part of their inspiration for the sandwich.

"The inspiration actually comes from when I was a child and we grew up very poor and we were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and then just peanut butter sandwiches, and then just peanut butter," said Matthew.

The McCahill brothers' gourmet Golden Goose sandwich may be packed with grandiose choice ingredients, but the restaurateurs know this may not be for every PB&J patron's wallet. Hence, they have made it their mission to support Chicago HOPES for Kids, which is a non-profit organisation that looks after the academic needs of youth living in Chicago's homeless shelters.

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