Police in Anaheim, California are investigating who opened pepper spray at a rally outside a city council meeting in Anaheim, California on 26 April. Council members were meeting to discuss a resolution condemning Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's "divisive rhetoric".

The rally outside turned chaotic as supporters and critics of the GOP front-runner clashed with each other. Local media reported that at least five people, including two young girls, were hit by pepper spray during the altercation. Paramedics were seen treating the children after they reported their eyes were stinging and burning. There were more than 50 people at the rally, local media reported. No arrests were made.

Trump swept primaries in five north-eastern states on 26 April in a major show of strength that moved the New York billionaire closer to securing the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump rolled up victories over rivals John Kasich and Ted Cruz in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware, with a margin of victory rivalling that in his home state of New York a week ago.