"The Adventures of Mina and Jack" – a cartoon series based on the "hippity-hoppity" Marion and James who found internet fame after they interrupted their father's live interview on BBC television in March – is garnering similar praise and popularity.

A three-minute prologue video of the animated series posted on YouTube has gone viral, getting nearly 150,000 views since 17 April.

Producers of the series, the US-based Hans House Productions, released a statement on 19 April announcing the launch. It said that the cartoon series features "the globe-trotting misadventures of a precocious young girl named Mina and her pesky baby brother Jack, as they help their dad, a United Nations official, out of various jams", according to the Strait Times.

The introductory video shows four-year-old Mina and nine-month-old Jack in the outfits that Marion and James wore in the original viral video when they crashed a Skype interview of their father, Robert Kelly – an expert on South Korean politics, on the BBC.

The animated video recreates the moment that became one of the most-talked about incidents last month when Kelly's daughter rushed into his study while he was speaking on the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye with a BBC interviewer.

It shows Mina walking into her father's study while he is reading the news about gold theft in North Africa. The toddler follows his elder sister into the room on his walker as in the original viral video and then the two children are dragged out of the room by a panicky mother. The family is then shown flying to North Africa for the adventure ahead.

The original video had a huge pool of admirers of the two adorable kids. The new cartoon show is seemingly generating its own fan base, with many people calling it a "very good idea" to convert the incident into an animated feature.

"Lol!!! Love it! I hope you make more," one user after watching the introductory animated video, wrote. Another person said: "This is the cutest thing i've seen today. Love it!"

An eager viewer said: "Come on, when will you upload the next episode !!! This was awesome."