Chile midfielder Arturo Vidal was released from police custody after being arrested for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol. Vidal, who also plays for Juventus, was driving his Ferrari along with his wife Maria Teresa Matus when he crashed.

According to the BBC, the 28-year-old leading scorer in the 2015 Copa America suffered minor neck bruising and had his license suspended. Vidal, who tearfully said he had "let everyone down," will remain on La Roja.

Local media reported that Vidal and his wife crashed with another vehicle as they drove home from a casino. The couple was treated in the emergency room of Santiago's San Luis de Buin Hospital.

Police chief Ricardo Gonzalez told the media that the player was "under the influence" at the time of the accident but did not reveal the player's level of alcohol. Following his arrest, Vidal posted a message on YouTube claiming his innocence in the crash.

"Tonight I was in a car accident. It was not my fault. I'm fine, my family fine. Thank you for everything," he said.

According to BioBioChile, Vidal told an arresting officer that he was not responsible for the crash. Vidal allegedly told the officer, "Arrest me, but you're going to screw over all of Chile..."

Vidal later admitted to reporters that he had two alcoholic drinks prior to the crash. "Yes, I drank two drinks and I had an accident, that everyone has heard about, and I put my wife's life at risk," he said, according to La Tercera.

The footballer will have to report to the Chilean consulate in Milan on a monthly basis once he returns to Italy as his punishment. La Roja coach Jorge Sampaoli downplayed the accident when speaking to the media, claiming the public's reaction had been out of proportion, the BBC reported.

"I don't think it's as major as some have said," Sampaoli said. "We have not decided to suspend him."

Crowds of Chilean hinchas, or football fans, gathered in front of a Santiago court to give Vidal their support. Chile is scheduled to play against Bolivia on Saturday (20 June) at 00.30 BST.