Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez has scored eight goals since his summer arrival to Arsenal. Getty

Chilean football experts have told IBTimes UK Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez is enjoying life more than ever at the Emirates Stadium as the Gunners are providing him with the chance to grow into a leader he never got at Barcelona.

With Lionel Messi and Neymar overshadowing him at the Nou Camp, the 25-year-old Chilean international decided to make a £32m move to north London this summer.

Sanchez has wasted little time endearing himself to Arsenal supporters, scoring eight goals in 15 appearances, including a crucial strike against Besiktas which secured qualification for the group stages of the Champions League.

But following an unconvincing victory over Anderlecht in the Champions League in October, reports emerged suggesting Sanchez was frustrated with the wavering performance levels of his teammates, with some even suggesting a problem with Mesut Ozil had developed.

IBTimes UK has spoken to the experts from La Tercera and El Mercurio, the two most prestigious newspapers in the player's homeland who have debunked those rumours. What they have had to say will be music to Arsenal fan's ears. All agree Sanchez has never been happier than he is playing football in north London.

El Mercurio journalist Rodrigo Fuentealba, who has followed Sanchez's development since his impressive performances in the Under-20 World Cup in 2007, said: "He has fit Arsenal like a glove. At Barcelona he lived in the shadow of Messi and Neymar. In London, he is the leader. He is very happy there."

Matias Parker Castro, who writes for La Tercera, added: "Alexis made ​​the best decision of his career by joining Arsenal. Maybe he will not win as many titles as at Barcelona ​​but he will get the leadership role he expected.

"He is happy because he feels he is one of the leading figures in the team. He has much more freedom to move and at the same time he has now the bravery and the personality to dribble at rivals without fear."

Another Chilean expert in international football, Luis Rivera Talpen, added: "Alexis is living a dream at Arsenal. He plays in the best league in the world, at a powerful club and he has the opportunity to become the leader of the team, while at Barcelona he couldn't.

"There (at Barcelona), even though he was the second top scorer of the team, he was always overshadowed by Messi and Neymar.

"He has become a new, different player since his move. He is also proving that with Chile. During the last international break he had no problem taking responsibility with Arturo Vidal, Chile's other leader."

When asked of rumours of friction between Sanchez and other members of the Arsenal squad, the experts were unaware of any troubles on that matter.

"He has a strong personality but is not a controversial guy. He is very committed to the team. His reference point is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a winner. He is not going to cause any trouble in the dressing room," Fuentealba continued.

Castro added: "Alexis always expects the rest to work as hard as they can. He doesn't tolerate failure and he is uncomfortable when the team doesn't get good results."

Luis Rivera Talpen said: "Since he was a kid, Alexis has proved he has a strong personality to face the complications of a life away from the luxuries and to build a career full of successes."

Speaking about Sanchez's favoured position in the team, Fuentealba said: "What he likes is scoring goals. The closer he plays from the goal the better. At Barcelona he wasn't happy because he had to play on the right side but Wenger's formation is not as fixed and he has more freedom."

Castro disagrees, however. "The best position for him is playing on the right side but with freedom to move up front."

Rivera said: "He shouldn't have a fix position but the freedom to move around. He is more powerful than most of the South American stars and can run and dribble past opponents without problem."

"I still believe he can be too individualistic, but I am sure with Arsene Wenger he will learn to be more generous and also more effective."