Yaritza Oliva crying tears of blood
Yaritza Oliva crying tears of blood Image Credit: YouTube/ NOTICIAS chelmevision

A 20-year-old Chilean girl suffers from a rare medical condition and her doctors have been left perplexed. According to the girl, Yaritza Oliva, she suffers "indescribable" pain when she sheds tears of blood. What was initially diagnosed as an extreme case of conjunctivitis by her doctors later turned out to be something far more puzzling.

OIivia has been shedding bloody tears for a month and, after much investigation, doctors believe she is suffering from haemolacria - a rare condition that makes the patient bleed through the eyes. However, an official diagnosis of the same has not been made.

For as long as doctors believed it was common conjunctivitis or an infection, Olivia was prescribed eye drops to ease the pain.

"Nobody knows what to give me, do not know what I have. Do not know why me," she told 24 Horas.

Oliva's family does not have enough money to take her for good medical treatment and her unemployed father has appealed in local media, asking people to raise funds for his daughter.

"Please put your hands over your hearts, see our situation and help my daughter," he told Telefenoticias.

Olivia may be one of very few people to have developed haemolacria.

Earlier in March this year, a man from Canada started crying bloody tears; various other parts of his body also bled. After a medical check-up, the cause was determined as a venomous snake bite. He was immediately given anti-venom medication.

Also, a case that appears in a study on the condition in the British Journal of Ophthalmology describes the condition of a 56-year-old woman with a two hour history of bleeding from the right nostril.

When the woman tried pinching her nose to stop the bleeding, blood started to come out from her ears and her eyes. The cause for her condition in this case was found to be the "increase in pressure within the nasal cavity" due to blowing or pinching, leading to bleeding through the eyes.

Other cases of heamolacria include a 2009 case of a teen boy who cried blood three times a day. Although the doctors in his case tentatively assessed the condition to be haemolacria, they did not confirm the same since the symptom arises in different patients due to different reasons or ailments.

Various studies have been conducted on the subject but nothing much is known about the root cause of the condition.

Watch the video of Olivia crying bloody tears here:

[Video Credit: YouTube/NOTICIAS chelmevision]