The dramatic capture of a male chimpanzee that escaped from a zoo in northern Japan was witnessed by many, as dozens of workers and animal experts gathered to see the primate swinging on power lines. Chacha, a 24-year-old male chimpanzee was declared missing from the Yagiyama Zoological Park early on 14 April after locals reported to authorities that a large monkey was roaming their neighbourhood.

In order to capture Chacha, a veterinarian was lifted up in a cherry picker to shoot him using a tranquiliser gun. The shot was successful, but Chacha tried to strike back by rushing towards the veterinarian along the electricity lines. He later swung to another electricity pole, from which the chimp fell after the tranquiliser appeared to take effect.

Workers gathered below with nets and sheets, but narrowly missed Chacha as he crashed to the ground. Despite the seemingly painful fall, local media reported that the chimp has made a full recovery.