A young Chinese couple got so heated during an argument that they removed their clothes on a busy street.

The warring lovers stopped traffic when they stripped naked in the middle of the street while screaming at each other.

According to witness Jiang Dayu, who took photos of the incident in Dongguan, Guangdong province, the fight started out at the roadside but as things escalated they took it to the road.

China couple
The mans starts to remove his clothes.

"They completely ignored the traffic that was driving past even though people were beeping their horns and having to weave around them," he said.

Probably in an effort to get their messages across, first the man and then the woman performed a striptease for motorists and passers-by.

China couple
The woman removed all her clothes before screaming and running down the street.

In images posted online the man can be seen standing in the middle of the road removing his clothes. But he stopped short in removing his trousers.

His female partner however went one step further and took off everything before continuing to fight, scream and run naked in board daylight.

China Couple
The pair eventually made up, hugging each other and walking down the street with the woman still naked.

The fighting couple eventually seemed to kiss and make up and were later seen walking side by side, the woman still naked.