China, the world's most populous country with 1.3 Billion people and world's fastest growing economy, is about to undergo a historic regime change. The political handover on 8th November, which occurs every ten years, is set to see Xi Jinping replace Hu Jintao as leader of the country.

Under Jintao's leadership the country witnessed vast economic growth to become the world's second largest economy. And as this growth continues, many are wondering what direction the new regime will take with regards to business, freedom of speech and foreign policy.

In the lead up to this power transition, the IB Times is going to look at what issues China's new leaders will face. How will the country react to slowing economic growth and increasing demands from its people for improved living conditions? Will the regime stretch its military muscles when it comes to Tibet, or the dispute over the Diaoyu and Senkaku islands with Japan? And perhaps most importantly, what relationship will China form with America, as the Asian state emerges as a challenger to the long held dominance of the world's sole superpower?

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Presented by Ann Salter

Written by Alfred Joyner