Chinese Girl Got her Head Stuck outside Window
Chinese Girl Got her Head Stuck outside Window Image Credit: YouTube/AZCNewsView

Firefighters on Saturday saved a 5-year-old girl who got her head stuck in a 24th storey window railing, 70 meters above the ground in a tower block.

According to a report in Mail Online, the child, who was left home alone in central China's Daye, Hubei province had climbed out of her living room in order to get a "look around."

The report further suggests that the girl, who managed to squeeze her whole body through the iron railing to the outside of the building, got her head stuck. Horrific pictures of the girl's head stuck between the bars suggest that it is possible the child may have been prevented from plunging to death from the sky scraper, because her head got stuck.

According to local media reports, the girl was first noticed by neighbors who heard her crying and raised an alarm.

Firefighters who responded to the emergency had to break their way into the house which was left locked by the girl's family members.

The dramatic rescue operation of the girl also saw a neighbor suspended by a rope tied around his waist, climbing out of an adjacent window to support and hold the child from outside as the rescuers cut through the grills of the window with bolt cutters.

The neighbor had his arms around the little girl, covering her with a blanket as he helped her support her own weight while she stood on the railing with her head bent forward, waiting for the rescuers to finish what they were doing.

The girl was eventually pulled back to safety.

Check out the video of the rescue operation here:

[Video Credit: YouTube/AZCNewsView]

In a similar incident last month, a two-year-old Chinese girl who fell from the window of her fifth-floor home in east China's Zhejiang Province was saved by a group of men standing on the ground, who noticed her at the window only seconds before she fell.

The girl was left alone by her parents who had gone out only for a short while to a medical shop close by.