China LGBT rights
Youngsters in China's Hunan province take part in an anti-discrimination parade on the International Day Against Homophobia STR/AFP/Getty

A man from China has been compensated after he was forced to take part in gay conversion therapy.

Only known by the surname Yu, he was taken to a hospital in the town of Zhumadian in Henan province by his wife back in 2015.

Over a 19-day period, Yu, 38, was forced to have injections and take various medicines.

The hospital had diagnosed with "sexual preference disorder" and a court order told them to issue a public apology in local newspapers.

They were also told to pay Mr Yu £570 as compensation.

The court didn't comment on the reasons behind the treatment in the first place.

After the court hearing, Yu told AP: "It's time for China to enact laws to prohibit forced gay conversion therapy,"

Until 2001, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder in China, but the nation remains highly conservative on LGBT issues.

This however has changed in recent years, with growing gay scenes in the larger cities as well as the introduction of a gay pride celebration in Shanghai last month.