Christmas cards
A huge 8ft Christmas display in Clintons' West Midlands outlet went up at the start of August this year  Getty

It may only be August, but big-name retailers are already putting Christmas cards, wrapping paper and tree decorations out on the shelves.

Clintons jumped the gun by launching its festive sale at the start of August, despite the country being in the grips of a heatwave.

But shoppers in one town in the West Midlands are clearly not fazed by the array of Christmas merchandise on offer during the summer months.

Some customers of Clintons in the Touchwood shopping centre in Solihull have been spending up to £100 a week on festive-themed wares since the branch put up its 8ft Christmas sale display two weeks ago, the retailer has reported.

People have been spending on winter wonderland wrapping paper and Christmas tree decorations featuring Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

Assistant store manager Latoya Woodburn said their prominent display has "caused some reaction, but the sales are coming through the tills".

However, "we do have some customers saying it's a bit too early", Woodburn said, "but we just smile and say 'Merry Christmas' – it's best to be prepared."

In London, Selfridges has already opened its Christmas shop, a North Pole-themed extravaganza with more than 700 sq feet of space already decked out with more than 100,000 yuletide decorations.

The store's Christmas home and decorations buyer, Geraldine James, said: "Despite the summer weather, we're in full festive mode here at Selfridges.

"We've been working on this year's Christmas Shop since Christmas last year. We have so many customers visiting from all over the world and eager to snap up festive souvenirs on their summer holidays, which they can't buy at home. We have to make sure we're ready to showcase the Christmas decorations they will truly treasure."