A cigar shaped Unidentified Object (UFO) was captured hovering over the skies of Appleton city in Wisconsin state of USA.

The two-and-a-half-minute-long video footage has been uploaded on YouTube by user UFO Book, which calls itself a UFO agency that aims to "upload real UFO sightings because with today's modern Computer technology you can fake many things."

The video uploaded on 1 June was posted with a description, which claims that the person who captured the video was looking out of a window when he noticed the cigar-shaped bar static in the sky.

The video has drawn mixed comments from YouTube viewers with some of them calling it a government conspiracy and others dismissing it as a work of video editing. Check out the video of the UFO to decide yourself what the object might be:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/UFObook]

Though disc and triangle shaped UFOs continue to be the most commonly viewed UFOs, this is not the first time that a cigar-shaped UFO has been spotted. There are numerous videos on YouTube uploaded by users from around the world who claim sighting such UFOs. However the credibility of the videos are up to the viewers to decide.

There has been an increasing number of UFO sightings in the last decade, which experts say is mostly due to the fact that there are simply more video camera owners around the world and more sky gazers than before. Another reason could be that too many fake videos are also being uploaded on the internet which start doing rounds on internet in about no time, thanks to social networking sites.

Earlier this week, a number of people near Lima, Peru reported seeing a bizarre white object in the sky kept changing shapes as it kept moving across the sky.

The UFO was spotted on 30 May and was seen in the skies for about ten minutes. One camera man for a Peru's television network was able to a capture the moment.

The footage was aired on "90 Segundos" last week. Check out the video below:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/arpe4TV]