Zeus, the German shepherd puppy, is scheduled to be put down by Elk Grove officials after being named a "dangerous animal." The 16-month-old puppy was seized earlier this year after biting a stranger.

Lawyers have now filed a new suit to save his life. According to Sacramento Bee, the suit claims that the animal control officer who seized Zeus on July 15 was acting illegally. An attorney has appealed to the judge to issue a permanent injunction to return Zeus to his owners. This comes after the previous restraining order issued by District Judge Troy L. Nunley expired.

In the latest suit filed in a US District Court in Sacramento, Andrew Shalaby hopes the beloved animal will be returned to owners Ghesal Kabir and sister Faryal who were deeply affected by the seizure of their puppy.

The suit reads, "This was due to the extent of emotional trauma imposed on her due to the taking and holding of Zeus. The trauma has severely impacted Ghesal Kabir and the entire Kabir family as well."

The suit also alleges that Crystal Mocek, who took their dog, acted illegally as Mocek is named as an individual and not as an Elk Grove employee. It reads, "Zeus has been unlawfully held by Mocek at the Animal Shelter since July 15, 2022, which (is) 96 days as of the date of this filing. This exposes Zeus to severe emotional trauma, and likewise, his owners."

Theft is a criminal act, and the suit claims that evidence was tampered with. Moreso, killing Zeus would be unlawful as he was seized from his lawful owners as an act of "theft." The suit detailed, "On her body cam, Mocek is heard expressing anger and frustration because Faryal Kabir insisted on exercising her rights under the law. It appears rather clear that Mocek took Zeus away, to kill Zeus, in anger and retaliation over the fact that Faryal Kabir was exercising her rights as expressed on the body cam video..."

Defendant Elk Grove argues that their detainment of the puppy is because Zeus "continues to display aggressive behaviour, including charging at the kennel door and barking viciously at city staff."

German Shepherd
A German Shepherd was put down because it had behavioural and veterinary problems (wiki commons)