An investigation has been launched after a worker was crushed to death at the Catterick Garrison Army base, North Yorks. The 58-year-old man was crushed when the door of an armoured vehicle snapped shut on him. Around 400 armoured vehicles remain under lockdown since the incident on January 18. The police and the Health and Safety Executive are investigating the accident.

At around 9:50 am on January 18, the unnamed Babcock contractor was doing routine maintenance work on the Wolfhound troop carrier. While the man was working on the vehicle, the slow-closing mechanism on the door seemed to have glitched. The heavy door of the armoured vehicle snapped shut, crushing the man to death instantaneously.

The man was given CPR but it was determined that he had died when the door snapped shut. The incident took place at the Piave Lines Barracks of the largest British Army garrison. While the incident is being investigated, all the Wolfhound vehicles remain under lockdown.

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A 58-year-old contractor was crushed by the doors of an armoured vehicle at the Catterick Garrison base. Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP

A source informed The Sun that the worker did not stand a chance against the sheer force with which the door of the 23-tonne, 6 x 6-wheel-drive vehicle snapped shut. The Babcock employee was from Richmond, North Yorks.

The Ministry of Defence assured that it will aid any investigation conducted by Babcock and associate agencies.

Wolfhound troop carriers are armoured vehicles that cost around £7m. The British Army uses 396 Wolfhounds. The Army's fourth most common vehicle was bought to protect troops from roadside bombs in Afghanistan. Since then, the troops have been using the vehicles in conflict zones for transport.

Eight soldiers and two crew members can occupy the vehicle. With a top speed of 90kmph, the vehicle is meant to cruise through disturbed city streets while the occupants remain safe inside. It is unclear if the vehicle has had similar accidents in the past.

Since the incident, the Wolfhounds at Catterick Garrison were seen at the barracks parked alongside a Land Rover belonging to the army. Once the investigation is over, the fate of the vehicles will be decided.