Police in Brazil have seized sophisticated drug packaging machines which are said to be capable of wrapping up to 150,000 bags of cocaine a day following an investigation.

The contraption was found following a raid at a cocaine factory in the Jardim Avelino neighbourhood of Sao Paulo on 25 September.

Three people were arrested at the factory, with one woman also arrested following a second raid in the city of Indaiatuba around 30 miles away.

The arrests followed a three-month investigation by the Civil Police of Sao Paulo along with the State Department for the Prevention and Suppression of Drugs.

Authorities also recovered around 10 kilogrammes (22lbs) of cocaine from narcotics factory.

In total, three machines believed to be capable of producing 150,000 wraps of cocaine a day were also seized.

Police released footage showing one of the machines in action following the raids, alongside thousands of bags of cocaine already packaged.

The Institute of Criminology (IC) is now examining the seized cocaine as part of the probe.

cocaine machines
Three machines were recovered in the raids in Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Civil Police