german police
Two suspects were stopped by police with a further two on the run. iStock

An axe attack and subsequent shooting in the early hours of Monday (15 August) has left one person injured in Cologne. German media reports that two suspects are still at large.

Just before 4am several reports from Cologne city centre reached police of a group of people having problems with a man. Reports are coming in from witnesses who say they saw people attack each other with axes.

German newspaper, Express, reported that the incident took place on Flanders Road, near Rudolfplatz.

One man who was wounded tried to flee the scene in a Mercedes and was shot at by the others. They did not hit him and the shots struck the car which was found with four flat tires and bullet holes in the windows.

Police found the injured man nearby and stopped two suspects - a further two are still on the run. According to reports so far, no motive for the attack is yet known.

More to follow...