The Senate and Lower House of Colombia passed a bill on Wednesday, which grants amnesty to the Farc rebel group members accused of minor crimes.

The law is an important part of the revised peace deal, which was signed last month between the rebel group and the government of Colombia. The original peace deal was rejected narrowly during a recent plebiscite for being too lenient on the rebels.

According to reports, the amnesty law passed with a majority in Congress with 69 votes in the 102-seat Senate and 121 in 166-seat in the Lower House. The members of the Democratic Center Party, who were against the accord abstained from voting. President Juan Manuel Santos said that the law is "the first step towards the consolidation of peace".

The law will prevent prosecution of few junior members of the left wing rebel group and some army soldiers accused of minor crimes. Thousands of members of the group stand to be pardoned under the law.

Members of the guerrilla group found guilty of massacres, sexual violence and other major crimes will not be considered under the amnesty law. A court established to hear their crimes will hand over alternate sentences.

The government and FARC leaders said in a joint statement on Wednesday that they will release a list of the number of rebels who are not qualified for the amnesty law by the end of January.

Over 260,000 people have been killed and millions displaced in the 52-year long conflict.