Chantelle says she has been abducted by aliens thousands of times (Channel 4)

A woman who claims to have been abducted by aliens more times than anybody else in Britain says she feels torn between two worlds and that she prefers life when she is whisked away to another planet.

Chantelle features in a Channel 4 documentary on people who believe they have been abducted by aliens.

Confessions of an Alien Abductee follows the work of the little-known helpline Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline, or Ammach, which helps people who have been abducted.

About 100 people use the service. Chantelle, who claims she was first abducted in 1970, tells the filmmakers: "I was watching TV and all of a sudden I could feel my body lifting up and levitating.

"After that I can't remember anything. I saw something shoot past - I saw it out of the corner of my eye first and I thought 'what was that?' Then it went straight past me and was just glowing a neon blue colour, [then] white and sometimes it changed into a gold colour.

"It can be a scary experience but it's also an amazing experience."

Chantelle explaining how the alien shot past her (Channel 4)

Chantelle had been given a crystal by Ammach to try to stop the aliens from coming to her. However, when asked if she would like aliens to stop adducting her, she says no.

"I don't think I do. I'd miss it if they stopped abducting me because to me they're like part of my family. It's like I'm torn between two worlds - my world and their world." Probed about which world she prefers, she says "theirs".

The film also looks at Marie, who believes her DNA has been changed and that she could now be part alien. Simon, on the other hand, believes he has another family with an alien lover.

Ammach was founded by Joanne Summerscales and Miles Johnston after meeting at a UFO convention.

In an interview with the Mirror, they explained that believing you have been abducted by an alien can be a difficult experience, and hold meetings, workshops and conferences for abductees.

Simon says he has a different family with an alien lover (Channel 4)

Summerscales said: "We had someone whose child was taken off them because social services think they are nutty. A lot of people are afraid of losing friends and family if they speak out. They're afraid people will think they're cuckoo. "

Johnston, however, explained some of the methods used to confirm alien abduction: "A stud detector for finding nails in walls we can use to find implants. We also use magnetic field meters. I have a UV mineral lamp which shows up residues on skin.

"If you've been to another dimensional reality, that leaves a signature on your skin's atoms. You can see that under UV light.

"People have been taken, had things stuck into them and they're being monitored. This is a violation of people's lives. We are under the threat of termination as a species if we do not get this sorted out."

Confessions of an Alien Abductee is on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight (Thursday).