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ConsenSys Ad Tech (CAT), a ConsenSys spoke focused on mitigating advertising fraud, has announced a collaboration with Indorse, the decentralised social network for professionals. Intended to ensure the authenticity of advertisements on the Indorse platform, the collaboration will enable Indorse to use adChain-aware bidding and ad-serving technologies, according to a statement.

The announcement comes as Indorse officially announces its intention to apply for inclusion on the adChain registry, using adToken (ADT) in the application, which represents accredited non-fraudulent domains. With the token economy booming, an adChain listing enables advertisers to pay Indorse for impressions using Indorse Tokens (IND), the native token of the Indorse platform.

Mike Goldin, lead engineer at ConsenSys Ad Tech said: "adChain is a lightweight protocol by design. We have always hoped to see ad commerce conducted in a multitude of cryptocurrencies, and conducted with confidence derived from the cryptoeconomic integrity of adChain's underlying curation system. Indorse is a great project, and we're excited to help them realise a new revenue opportunity on IND payment rails."

ConsenSys Ad Tech exists to facilitate adoption of the adChain Registry and reinvent programmatic supply chains for integrity and safety. CAT lead engineer Mike Goldin is an author of the adChain whitepaper, and CAT was originally instantiated to assist in the development of adChain's underlying cryptosystem and infrastructural technologies.

Gaurang Torvekar, co-founder and CTO of Indorse, said: "With advertising fraud set to waste billions in global revenue, it is pivotal that a project centred around an equitable advertising revenue redistribution model ensures the highest standard of integrity. Notable industry leaders have set the standard to combat this issue, and we are pleased to join those ranks while ensuring the authenticity and transparency of our platform."

Offering users full control over their own data as they build their professional profiles and share skills on the platform, Indorse aims to build a serverless, decentralised network where professionals, rather than third parties, benefit from platform growth and data insights. Through participation in the platform, members of Indorse can earn financial rewards from the revenue received as advertisers purchase space on the platform with Indorse Tokens (IND).

Torvekar added: "This exciting collaboration allows advertisers to be confident in the quality of impressions. Members of the Indorse platform will be able to earn IND tokens for their efforts and actions on the platform such as having their skills 'Indorsed' and added to their profiles. ConsenSys Ad Tech is a fantastic ally to have as we move to a decentralised infrastructure of the web3.0 internet."